Dr. Nameeta Sahni (pronounced sah-nee) is a forensic and public safety psychologist based in San Diego, California. She has extensive experience conducting forensic evaluations of adults at all stages of the court process (from pre-trial to trial and sentencing). She has a volume of experience working with serious criminal matters at both the federal and state level, in civilian and military courts, as well as a prior history of working with California family courts. Dr. Sahni is regularly asked to provide expertise as a trial consultant and/or topic expert testifying in a variety of areas, including (but not limited to): sexual and physical violence, recidivism risk, alcohol and memory, alcohol and intent/executive functioning, as well as various factors in mitigation that may be related to the presence of severe mental disorders and/or addiction. Additionally, she is frequently requested for cases to discuss the nexus between personality disorders and motives to fabricate.

Dr. Sahni also provides pre-employment psychological evaluations to the majority of law enforcement and fire agencies throughout San Diego and Imperial counties. In 2020, she co-founded Police and Fire Psychology with her partner, Dr. Ira Grossman, who has provided such services to these counties for well over forty years. While Dr. Sahni no longer conducts child custody evaluations, for many years she provided Best Interest recommendations for the family courts. As such, she has a strong foundation in the complexities of family dynamics including clinical issues such as family violence, domestic violence, substance use/addiction, child abuse, and parenting. Dr. Sahni has years of experience evaluating and interviewing people of all ages, from young children to elderly adults.

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